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Computer Recycling

As part of CleverMinds superb computer support to small businesses in the Boston area, we offer a secure and environmentally conscious recycling service. We securely recycle your unwanted computers, monitors, and small electronics making sure your data on your recycled devices is completely and securely removed.

CleverMinds recycling adherers to the voluntary The EPA Guidelines for Materials Management, Issued in 2004. These Guidelines encourage anyone who handles used electronic equipment to:
  • Maximize reuse, refurbishment, and recycling over disposal and incineration;
  • Take precautions to reduce emissions and exposures to workers and the environment;
  • Provide special handling of components which may contain substances of concern;
  • Ensure that exported electronic products are being sent for legitimate reuse, recycling or refurbishment; and
  • Ensure that downstream recycling, refurbishing and disposal facilities follow management practices that are consistent with the guidelines

  • Let CleverMinds assist you in the proper removal and disposal of your unwanted electronics. Please contact out Help Desk Hotline at (617) 894-1282 to schedule an appointment to discuss the recycling needs of your organization.

    For a Complete List of the EPA Guidelines Please Visit:
    Plug-In To eCycling: Guidelines for Materials Management