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Internet Solutions & Support

It is no secret that the widespread acceptance of the Internet has radically changing the business landscape. However, we believe using available Internet technologies should be a strategic decision - not a knee-jerk reaction to the competition.

In this section we have provided a few distinctions that can help you decide what level of utilization is appropriate for your company. In the simplest sense, the "Internet" is just a collection of networks connected through a common network protocol (TCP/IP) . TCP/IP routes packets of information from one "host" to another. If the "web server" (host) is only accessed by company employees, then this is called an Intranet. If you allow specific companies, such as clients or suppliers, access to your web server, this is called an Extranet. Lastly, if you allow the world at large to access your web server, you are now part of the global Internet.

Some of our services in this area include:

Rackspace/Appriver Exchange Email
Web Site Design
Website hosting
Domain name services
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
Google Apps
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Blogs Content Management Systems
Web 2.0
Computer Programming
Software Engineering
RSS feeds
CGI Programming
Proxy Servers
Cloud Services