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Programming Services

The appropriate use of technology is not simply to satisfy business requirements, but to serve as a transformative means to enhance the lives of our clients and their customers. Taking a shared interest in understanding of the needs of the customer allows us to forge a synergistic relationship providing a lasting product that ultimately drives the productivity and growth of your organization.

Taking advantage of modern infrastructure demands an understanding of how fluid information and its relationship to usability and ease-of-use can benefit our clients. We take pride in the ability to share our client’s vision, delivering a solution that is customized to your organization’s needs and suited to match your long-term goals.

Unlike many development firms which act in the interest of pushing out cookie-cutter products, CleverMinds works at the forefront of modern information design, taking a unified approach based on the intricacies defining the connections between people and productivity. Client feedback is constantly incorporated in our products, resulting in a completely customized solution serving the best interest of our clients.

CleverMinds has selected Drupal as our primary Content Management System, known to be among the most secure and scalable platforms available. Used by leaders across many industries, it has immense community support and stability. Coupled with a carefully evaluated web hosting environment oriented specifically for security, speed, and ease-of-use, we can rapidly deliver fine-tuned projects with unparalleled reliability.

We focus on providing the platform for user management of the content within a web application, continually shaping the navigability and usability of the product we deliver. When users can intuitively work in an environment where the technology is transparent, they can work at their best, ultimately increasing the productivity of your organization. During every step in the development of a web application, we consider the overall aesthetics and usability of the site. Regardless of how well thought out the workflow, users will not want to use an ugly website. If users cannot find what they need or complete the tasks they desire, even the most feature-ridden websites are rendered useless. Contact Us Now